Taking real measures and actions to promote a planet-friendly lifestyle, we are fighting global warming.

Through our products, we want to reflect our customers’ mindsets by actively joining programmes and activities and supporting select non-profit organisations focus on preserving the environment.

The New Orchard Forest

Big things often start small. Together with our partner, Tree-Nation, we plant one tree for every sale on our website. Together, we can contribute to reforesting the planet and fighting climate change.

Why is planting trees so important to the Earth.



Trees purify water and slow down rain, preventing erosion and reducing flood risk. Protected forest areas support drinking water supplies, not only in Africa but also in major cities like New York.

Source: The Three-Nation report



Trees produce oxygen and absorb harmful gasses such as CO2 and other pollutants like sulphur dioxide or ammonia. Trees cool the air through a process called “transpiration cooling”, and also by simply providing physical shade.



Forests are home to about 80% of the world’s biodiversity, ranging from small invertebrates, to large mammals.



Trees equal health. Many components of medicine are based on natural ingredients extracted from trees. Forest areas provide food, drink, and materials in the world's regions affected by extreme poverty.

Footwear without the Footprint

Thanks to you and to our customers, we participate in a double CO2-offsetting programme: in addition to the carbon capture the New Orchard Forest represents, we offset the equivalent verified CO2 from certified reforestation and conservation projects. 

Going the extra mile... We aim to become not only carbon-neutral but carbon-positive by the end of 2024.