Swiss quality meets Italian design

We are a Swiss, vegan footwear brand

Our idea is born from our love of luxury boots and our personal mission to do our part in saving the planet. Through our vegan products, we want to inspire you to make a difference and join us in our journey.

Our shoes are designed and produced in Italy using only sustainable and planet-friendly materials. We guarantee Swiss quality and eco certifications.

Our materials are non-toxic and vegan, coming from carefully selected suppliers from Europe. We use eco, and plant-based components that are harmless to the environment.

Our accessories are produced in Europe. We cooperate with talented, up-and-coming local designers and producers to promote local manufacturers and plant-based arts.

We love nature. We love design. We love luxury.

Our commitments

Sustainable materials

We use a variety of high-quality and certified vegan materials to produce the 
New Orchard shoes 
and accessories.

Reduced footprint

Our ambition is to become carbon positive by the end of 2024 by offsetting our day-to-day carbon emissions.

Certified quality

The New Orchard products have gone through rigorous quality testing. We are PETA- and FurFree Retailers-certified, and are seeking more.

Green packaging

Our packaging is plant-based and biodegradable. The papers we use are 100% recycled or made of processed food waste.

Production process 
with touch of love

New Orchard shoes are produced in a small Italian manufacture, in the Marche region, the home of luxury footwear brands. Each and every pair of shoes is prepared with special care and attention to detail.

Having inherited the generations-old passion for making perfect shoes, experienced shoemakers and craftsmen handmake many of our footwear’s elements.

We cooperate with local suppliers and neighbouring manufacturers, working together to create the most beautiful and comfortable vegan shoes with a touch of love and famous Italian chic.

Check out how your shoes are made, step by step.

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Our vision, your mission

Our vision is to offer luxury vegan products to customers looking for sustainable and cruelty-free solutions. We like to inspire you to join us in rebranding ‘vegan’ back to its true meaning.

Nowadays ‘vegan’ has become a marketing slogan to support sales of low-quality plastic goods that are harmful to the planet. True vegan products should not only be manufactured without animal origin components, but also be safe for the planet and the user.

Together, we can make a difference and protect the earth,
one step at a time.

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