Hi, are you a shoemaker?

Everything starts with a thought, a fleeting sense that something is missing. The longer you think about it, the clearer it becomes... This is how we first came up with the idea of designing our New Orchard boots.

We then had to focus on making the idea a reality. So, we set about finding not only the best designer and shoemaker, but someone who was like-minded and understood our vision...

We work with shoemakers whose skills and techniques have been handed down through the generations. They are quintessential craftsmen, able to turn our vision into reality.

Watch skilled shoemakers make your shoes, step by step

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Everything is handmade.

The first step is designing the footwear. Check out the very first original drawing of New Orchard shoes, by the way!

A paper model of the shoe is then cut out. Based on the model, a wooden or plastic “last” (a form shaped like a human foot) is ordered by the manufacture.

Now for a crucial moment – when the vegan leather and faux fur are cut out based on the dimensions of the paper model.

Then, the various elements are pre-stitched using a special machine; this is done to soften the edges.

Often using a generations-old traditional sewing machine, the skilled shoemaker stitches each line to perfection, yielding the shoe sock.

In the meantime, the outer sole is coloured by an experienced manufacture, making sure the dyes perfectly match our beautiful earthy, vegan leather colours.

The shoe sock is then fitted with an insole made of natural plant-based material – a meticulous and lengthy process.

Last and certainly not least: the outer sole. Using a water-based glue, heat, and a special press, the outer sole is perfectly attached.

E presto, the shoe is made!

After being cleaned, refreshed, and undergoing a thorough control quality, the shoes are ready for you!